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Proper nutrition is essential for achieving your fitness goals. That’s why our gym offers nutrition counseling services from a certified nutritionist to help you develop a healthy and sustainable diet plan tailored to your individual needs.

Nutrition Counseling with Danielle Keperling

NASM Certified Nutritionist

Danielle Keperling | Nutrition | Wyo Fit Clubs
We offer 3 various nutritional programs & meal plans designed for fitness.
Simply choose which program best fits your current fitness goals.
  1. Muscle Building / Hypertrophy
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Healthy Living Lifestyle
All programs will provide:
  • Goal specific nutrition plans and motivation
  • Macro targets for every meal
  • Tips specific to your goal
Consult Option

Have specific questions and want to meet with the nutrition coach? 15 or 30-minute consults are available in person or by phone.

Reach out to our certified nutritionist Danielle Keperline: dkeperling@wyofitclubs.com or call (484) 334-3932.

15 or 30-minute consults are available by phone or in person.

Smoothie Menu | Wyo Fit Clubs
Smoothie Menu | Wyo Fit Clubs
Smoothie Menu | Wyo Fit Clubs
Wyo Fit Clubs | Berks County

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Wyo Fit Clubs offers clean, upscale facilities accompanied by an encouraging and motivating environment where your results are our main concern. We offer a first-rate personal training program that will be custom fit to your specific needs.

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