I have been seeing this meme quite a bit and completely understand the extra snacking that is taking place out of boredom. I have tips to fight the temptation!

1. Drink more water! Dehydration can be interpreted by our bodies as hunger, but don’t fall for it! Instead of reaching for a chocolate chip cookie, grab that glass of H2O!

2. Snack on something spicy. Most average people can’t eat a ton of spicy food, so you are less likely to take in too many calories. In addition, spicy foods can boost your metabolism!

3. Don’t keep a wide variety of unhealthy snacks in the house. In a time when the grocery stores are bare, hopefully you stocked up on broccoli rather than potato chips 🙂

4. Take Fido, your children or yourself for a walk! Enjoy the fresh air and get your mind off food.

5. Create a To-Do-List and gradually check things off. Clean your house room by room and focus on one area at a time. Don’t jump back and forth as you may end up in the kitchen multiple times and we don’t want that!

6. This could be the most important….jump on Wyomissing or Exeter Fitness’ social media pages and check out the workouts. There will be videos uploaded daily and an intense workout will erase all signs of boredom. Daily exercise will help increase energy level and sleep better at night; both of which also help you snack less. It’s a win-win!!!

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