Easter is approaching and we need to remember that we are hopefully “safe at home” with loved ones. For the family members you do not live with, be appreciative of technology features that allow us to see and chat like they are in the same room 🙂 I know a lot of people are still saying we are “stuck at home” but please stay optimistic and think of how lucky we truly are. We can still go to a grocery store or pick-up food from a restaurant instead of “hunting and gathering”….we know we are going to eat! We have books to read, blankets to knit, TV to watch, dogs to walk, household projects to finish, etc. We need to look at the positives and not focus on the negatives. If you have children, they are looking up to you so stay strong for them! In addition, keep the childrens’ mind and body active, don’t allow them to just play X-Box or whatever the new craze currently is. Here is an Easter Egg workout that you can hold in the yard or even inside your house if necessary.

Directions: You will need 12 plastic eggs filled with the following exercises:

● 10-20 push-ups

● 10-20 bodyweight squats

● Plank with 10-20 alternating toe-taps

● 10-20 crunches/sit-ups

● 10-20 squat jumps

● 10-20 (count 1-1) mt.climbers

● 10-20 alternating lunges

● 10 -20 star jumps (modify w/ jumping jack)

● 10-20 alternating Frankenstein (front) kicks

● 10-20 tricep dips

● 10-20 (count 1-1) high knees

● 10-20 (count 1-1) butt kick

You must open the egg and complete the given exercise and rep count before searching for the next egg.

**You may scale the repetitions based on the age of the children participating in the hunt!

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