When you think about weight loss, what comes to mind? Is it…

“I need to do more cardio.”

“I gotta hit the gym hard this week.”

“More workouts=more weight loss.”

“More intense workout=more weight loss.”

“I have to start that new diet that everyone is talking about!… ON MONDAY.”

While some of these ideas will help, none of them will work WITHOUT a healthy, whole-food rich, eating lifestyle. AND being in a calorie-deficit. Notice I didn’t say DIET? The word DIE is literally in the name, meaning at some point, those habits may come to an end. This topic gets me fired up, guys!

So, what is the myth, that got me to click on this blog post?

More cardio, more strength training, more intensity, isn’t going to cut out without a healthy eating life style and coupled with a calorie-deficit.

We have been told for years to workout more or do more cardio to burn fat and get that “toned” body that we’ve all been looking for. What we really need is to take a deep dive and look at what we are putting in our mouths every and think… How is this helping me or hurting me while trying to reach my goals. Most food companies want you to BUY, EAT, and comeback for more. Why would they want you to change your eating habits?? Have you seen those fancy, colorful boxes and the exquisite wording to make you think that their food product is healthy?

What can you do?

· Read ingredient labels for added sugars, high-fructose corn syrup, and many words that you can’t pronounce or haven’t seen before. This is just scratching the surface, but I want you to keep it simple.

· Buy whole foods such as veggies and fruits. When it comes to meats, look to locally sourced or non-gmo, non-hormone fed meats.

· Keep a food journal. Log your foods and portions. Most importantly, log how you felt after each meal. Ex: energized, sleepy, satisfied, hungry, bloated/gassy, etc.

· Look to get more protein in your day.

· Enter a calorie deficit for a certain amount of time. This means, finding the number of calories where you maintain your weight and then subtracting anywhere from 100-500 calories a day from that number. (You can also contact me or one of the trainers on staff to help you figure out this number and a plan on how to approach it.)

· Find your “WHY.” I can’t stress this one enough. What is the REAL reason you are looking to lose weight? For some it is vanity, but dig deeper here. Is it to be healthier for your family, fend of diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes? The WHYs are endless and are unique to each person. Once you find this reason, it is easier to stick to your plan.

Thank you again for reading! If you need any help or support, I’m always here for you guys. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. We are stronger together. Don’t let not knowing or information overload hold you back.

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